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The Runnersworld Track Meetings are a series of 6 meetings held on Athletics Track Maarschalkerweerd in Utrecht. Foreign athletes are welcome to participate. For these meetings, it is possible to register on-site. Pre-registration is also possible (advisable for field events). The meetings have a Category F on the World Athletics World Ranking. The meetings have also a World Para Athletics status.

Rules and regulations

  1. The Track Meetings are open to U18, U20, Seniors, and Masters. U16 are allowed to compete as U18 (NL Rule 520.3). U14 are **not **allowed to participate (NL Rule 520.3)
  2. At the track events, the series are sorted by the time indicated at registration. We start with the fastest series!
  3. The “regular” rule (Rule 162.7) with respect to false starts applies for all athletes, so also for Masters!
  4. At the track events where starting blocks are used, Masters are allowed to start without starting blocks.
  5. At the field events: Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javelin Throw/Shot Put/Triple Jump/Long Jump every competitor has 4 attempts. If possible the competition director can grant a fifth and/or sixth attempt.
  6. At Pole Vault* the bar is raised by 20 cm each time. The competition director can deviate from this rule if the number of competitors allows for this.
  7. At High Jump* the bar is raised by 5 cm each time. The initial height will be determined after consulting the competitors.

*If a deviation of the standard intervals is required for a National Record/Standard for an International Tournament we will accommodate for this.

** We prefer your registration online via but on-site registration (starting at 5:30 pm on the day of the event) is possible as well. Registration closes 45 minutes prior to the start of the specific event. An exception is made for the field events (Discus Throw/Hammer Throw/Javelin Throw). Competitors for these events must pre-register to be certain of a place.

All athletes have to report to the front desk to pick up their start number  and pay (if not already done so)

Entry fee
All athletes €4,00 per event.
To allow for a swift registration please mention your ‘Atletiekunie Federation Number’ on your registration card. If this is not filled in we will charge you an additional € 1.00. This rule does not apply to foreign competitors.

The address of the track is:
Mytylweg 79
3595 LK Utrecht

If you have questions about the meetings you can contact us on